[Nitro] Next version roadmap

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Thu Nov 16 04:34:44 EST 2006


> > - add rdoc comments in the sources
> I can do this, I think.  I'm not that familiar with the source code,  
> but I can definitely submit patches where I can track stuff down.

The rdocs aren't really bad, and almost every method has a comment. If
you come about a function which doesn't, it would be very nice if you
can do something about it and provide a patch.

> > - improve nitroproject.org
> I was also thinking of doing this.  There's one or two great bits of  
> documentation well hidden within the Wiki on the site, but it needs  
> serious fleshing out.

Yes, definitly do this, I'm not one for wikis, they need constant
caretaking like a little kittens in your bedroom.  :P

So yeah, it would be really cool if you can do a little docs if you get
past your initial problems with Og.  ;)
Also take note of http://oxyliquit.de as a platform for information.  We
definitly need more people adding questions (and rating the answers, yes
I keep an eye on you hit'n runners ;/), tips and tutorials.

If you have any ideas on how oxywtf could be enhanced or on what topics
you want a tip, I listen to requests.


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