[Nitro] removed working call/answer implementation?

Fabian Buch fabian at fabian-buch.de
Tue Nov 14 17:18:18 EST 2006

Am 14.11.2006 um 09:42 schrieb George Moschovitis:
> this is a total surprise for me. I haven't thought that anyone used
> this! I started coding this, but left this half-finished. In fact, I
> cannot understand how this works for you. This code doesnt handle
> cases like multiple windows, tabbed windows and stuff like that. It is
> broken,  I am very courious how you used this.

Never thought of such cases/usages. I simply use it for a login  
system like this:

in an action that requires login I do:

     unless logged_in?
       flash[:ERROR] = 'Login first!'
       call R(AuthController, :login)

in the login action I log the user in and after that go back to from  
where the login action was called:


This is just one level and enough for the usual login situation. What  
doesn't work are probably more complicated things with multiple  
stacked calls or something. I don't know what you mean with multiple  
windows and tabs. I don't use call/answer the way you might want to  
use it in a wee-like framework.

> Btw,I will release version 0.41.0 next Monday (there seem to be some
> bugs in 0.40.0) I will get this back in. But, If you could provide a
> working implementation it would be nice. The old implementation works
> with only one window openned in the application.

Good to hear that it'll come back, thanks. Well, I didn't look into  
it too deeply yet, since it worked for my usecase which is maybe a  
little different from what you initially intended (or the way other  
frameworks implement call/answer), but I can have a look tomorrow and  
at least provide a testcase for my usecase. If I find some more time  
I might look for other usecases too.


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