[Nitro] Next version roadmap

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Tue Nov 14 17:13:12 EST 2006


> I am trying to come up with a roadmap for the next version of
> Nitro+Og. One thing is for sure, I want a new version released before
> Dec 15. I would like to hear your opinions and suggestions regarding
> our targets for the next release.

yes, next release as cleanup and fix release is a good plan.

Rayman had a few problems I think, one of them could be with my
Dictionary use inside the cgi.rb and with params like 'arg[hh]',
which I completely forgot to test in my testcase.

I will try to get Riku to reproduce that problem and post it here
as response.

Another error found by ray:


And this question would be best answered by you (George) as well:


The question about form helpers (http://oxyliquit.de/question/84) can
probably answered by Fabian.

Thank you everyone for using Oxy!  (Rayman said on irc:  "it seems kinda
dead",  I don't know if I like to hear that. :P  So please, if you have
any questions, please take your time to ask them on the mailing list as
well as Oxy so I don't get to hear that oxy seems dead.  This helps poor
kittens!  :) )


Feel the love

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