[Nitro] Next version roadmap

Olle Jonsson olle at olleolleolle.dk
Tue Nov 14 16:29:33 EST 2006

Documentation shopping list:
* Examples/use-cases for the crunchier parts of Og.
* Conceptual wholeness of examples. Shy away from corny, empty  
examples like "class Thingamajic < Hamburglar". Try to reuse concepts  
from other parts of the manual. Re-using the Pet Store or the Elven  
Army Registry, or a Registry of Alleged War Criminals (saw that in a  
book on PL/SQL for Oracle [1]) will focus the reader. Perhaps going  
so far as to use a standard app database, for the examples (like  
Microsoft Access has its "Northwind" and MySQL its "Sakila")?
* Examples on smart dispatching (I'd love to see a gallery of user- 
submitted dispatching rules) of different kinds
* General design hints on how a Nitro app is "often" designed.  
"You'll start out with a handful of database objects, and then add  
controllers for one of them. Add tests (like this, see other section)  
early. Break up long methods out to helper methods (or pack them up  
in Helpers [are there Nitro Helpers?])" How to use Nitro "going with  
the grain". Understanding what patterns Nitro helps solve is very  
much a part of the learning process.
* API documentation

(These are just shots in the dark, but *my* shots, in *my* dark.)

thanks for listening,
    Olle Jonsson

[1]: Oh, it was Feuerstein, check his article/thinkpiece out:

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