[Nitro] Next version roadmap

James Britt james.britt at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 10:02:48 EST 2006

George Moschovitis wrote:
> Dear devs,
> I am trying to come up with a roadmap for the next version of
> Nitro+Og. One thing is for sure, I want a new version released before
> Dec 15. I would like to hear your opinions and suggestions regarding
> our targets for the next release.


At the Phoenix Ruby Users Group meeting last night we talked  a bit 
about Nitro, and a people said that they were interested in trying out 
Nitro but the lack of  docs and examples made it hard for them.


James Britt

"Discover the recipes you are using and abandon them."
  - Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt, Oblique Strategies

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