[Nitro] removed working call/answer implementation?

Fabian Buch fabian at fabian-buch.de
Mon Nov 13 16:59:26 EST 2006

Sun Nov 12 21:20:48 CET 2006  George Moschovitis  
<george.moschovitis at gmail.com>
   * Removed non-working call/answer implementation.


Why? A few seconds before release you remove working (it's not non- 
working, it works) functionality from Nitro without asking on the ML  
whether someone is using it. Why? It wouldn't've hurt to ask and not  
either to leave it in, since it's not making other stuff of Nitro  
buggy or something.

The implementation might not be perfect, but I used it for an Auth  
system of mine and it worked quite nice (didn't use or test deep  
stack levels though). Nitro 0.40.0 is out now and I again have to  
either use my own version of Nitro or make my Auth system more  

George, you're the boss, you're probably also the biggest user of  
your child "Nitro". But you are not the only user and developer.  
Could you at least ask in the future whether someone else needs a  
certain functionality before you silently remove it seconds before a  
release (ok, the night before)?

If you think some features are badly implemented they can be  
reimplemented by someone if you tell the list (something like call/ 
answer isn't that difficult) and until that's done even a partly  
buggy thing can be left in till a reimplementation in a future release.


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