[Nitro] Whitespace - xhtml doctype - are you using REXML sax2 parser/listener to read doctype? I had found a bug in REXML

Lars Olsson lasso at lassoweb.se
Mon Nov 6 14:41:37 EST 2006


No, Nitro uses REXML::Parsers::StreamParser, not
REXML::Parsers::Sax2Parser. The StreamParser seems to work ok.



Lars Olsson
lasso at lassoweb.se

> Jeff Barczewski skrev:
> George and Lars,
> Are you using the REXML sax2 parser/listener to read doctypes?
> If so, then I would be suprised if the above code (using REXML 3.1.5 or 
> less) would work. I also use REXML and was trying to read the doctype 
> using the sax2 parser/listener and after much debugging I found that 
> there were a few bugs in REXML code that prevented it from ever calling 
> the doctype method. Further investigation showed that there were no test 
> cases around this either. I had tested on 3.1.3 (that came with Ruby 
> 1.8.4) and the latest version 3.1.5 but defect exists in both places.
> So I put together a test case for REXML and submitted a patch (fix) 
> along with my bug report about a week ago, but no one from REXML has 
> responded or applied it.
> http://www.germane-software.com/projects/rexml/ticket/92
> So I was just curious how this could work for you with an unpatched 
> REXML, unless maybe you weren't using the sax2 parser/listener.
> Also the documentation around the sax2 listener for doctype is a little 
> vague regarding the long_name and uri. I believe the intention of the 
> API is that the long_name and uri would be provided without the 
> surrounding quotes. So this is the way my patch is written (to provide 
> the contents from inside of the quotes) when doctype listener method is 
> called. If this is correct then your above Nitro fix should turn around 
> and quote those two variables when outputting.
> Anyway, I just wanted to ask whether you were indeed using sax2 
> parser/listener and if so share my experience and patch if it would be 
> useful. If you don't have the same issue then could you tell me what 
> parser/listener you are using, etc.
> Blessings,
> Jeff
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