[Nitro] JQuery questions

Riku Räisänen riku.raisanen at walkingwoods.com
Thu Nov 2 13:28:59 EST 2006

Hello George.

I have a bad email client here, thus I can't easily quote you. Anyway.

What you speak of is not really DOM or AJAX related, which is what 
jQuery is built for. And it is not clear to me what you're after at all.

is "button" a <input type="submit" /> button? or is it a link?

and as I said, it doesn't IMO really fit into context of jQuery, but is 
more "general" javascript.

Where jQuery can help you, is giving you easy access to the 
links/buttons (and their attributes/values) you speak of and either:

a) get the HREF attribute of the link ( $('#id_of_link').attr('href') ) 
and forward the user to there.

b) submit the form the (target) button belongs to.

Please be more specific in terms of button and what you want to do. 
(GET/POST? can it be AJAX request?) and I'll try to help you as much of 

-Riku Räisänen

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