[Nitro] A uniform structure for components in Nitro -- long post

itsme213 itsme213 at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 30 10:40:21 EDT 2006

Hi *William,

> For example; anything in a "<div>" tag is client side.  I can 'assume' 
> that
> you mean there is a server-side 'dictionary' or 'model' of components that
> will somehow map to the "<div>" tag.

I used "components" for the tree of VC-like objects that exist on the server 
side. They have _corresponding_ elements in the client e.g. page, div, ...

> There is merit in that, however as Zimbatm says, how does it help to do 
> what
> many many many others have done many many times

This is meta-data based. It requires a little additional meta-data above 
what Og requires already. And it is Ruby, for meta-data DSL and dynamic 

> Alternatively, one could look at the same MVC paradigm and suggest that
> components need to come in a {M-V-C} sets.  So that components are layered
> like the I-Ching, as C1.model, C1.view, C1.controller.

(1) The meta-data is the base. The V-vs-C distinction is not as critical.
(2) Customizable at any granularity due to component tree structure.
(3) Tree mutates (e.g. Ajax) and propagates changes through the tree
(4) The DSL would give the syntax for (1) and (2).


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