[Nitro] [OT] Roll n' Rain

TRANS transfire at gmail.com
Thu Jun 29 07:28:14 EDT 2006

On 6/28/06, Aidan Rogers <aidan at yoyo.org> wrote:

> My favourite package management system is the ports system used by
> FreeBSD.  This allows a combination of binary packages and source
> file compilations to be used interchangeably.  I wanted to create
> something similar to that, which would handle arbitrarily
> installation of ruby stuff (as long as the package defined a way to
> 'make' itself and a way to define dependencies).  I'll probably still
> have a go at doing this (should it be called Rorts? (http://
> www.allwords.com/word-rort.html) :-) ).

Sounds alot like the old raa-install that was popular before Gems came
along. I'm actually all for Gems qua package manager I just want it to
decouple version management from the system (ROLL can handle it
instead). Even now it's possible to trick Gems by telling it the
version was alwasy 0.0.0, but have Rolls know better.

Anyway, I digress. Would you be interesting in writing a Ports adater for Rock?


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