[Nitro] [OT] Roll n' Rain

Aidan Rogers aidan at infurious.com
Thu Jun 29 04:12:00 EDT 2006

> Why not go one step further, and have no package definition, per  
> se?  What I'm talking about here is a dream of mine that I've had  
> for years: an intelligent package management system.  Take the  
> versioning that Roll does already, add the package management  
> capability of Rock (it is Rock now, isn't it?), extend that to read  
> the INSTALL and/or README of the source bundle itself, and expand  
> that to cover ALL software on the system (not just Ruby), and  
> you've got that dream of mine realized.  The really hard part, of  
> course, is the parsing of the INSTALL/README file to get the  
> dependencies and figure out how to install the software...  Some  
> sane defaults could be assumed (./configure;make;make install for a  
> lot of things); intelligent error-handling would be needed.  A peer- 
> to-peer caching mechanism for working/already-parsed packages could  
> be implemented so that the packager wouldn't have to start from  
> scratch each time...  Then, you could just give the packager the  
> URL for the source bundle to be installed, it will download it,  
> unpack it, compile it (if necessary), and install it onto the  
> system, keeping track of dependencies and versions all the while. :)

How does this differ from FreeBSD's ports system?


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