[Nitro] About the different repos

Aidan Rogers aidan at infurious.com
Thu Jun 29 03:56:00 EDT 2006

I have some comments about ongoing repository maintenance.

In an ideal environment, there should be one branch and one trunk.   
The branch is made at the time of release, and *only* bug-fixes are  
applied to it.  The trunk is where new features are added, and bug- 
fixes that are applied to the branch are merged in.

It seems to me that George should be in charge of the trunk, and that  
Jonas and Brian in charge of the branch.  This is kind of the way it  
works right now, if you look at devlab as being the branch and  
nitroproject.org as the trunk.

However, the issue we run into is that George is too busy to  
regularly merge changes from the branch into the trunk.  If Brian and  
Jonas also had access to the trunk and the responsibility to merge  
changes (i.e. bug-fixes) in from the branch, this would solve the  

I get the impression that it's not easy/possible to allow someone  
other than George access to nitroproject.org.  Is this the case?  Is  
there some way around this?  Granting Jonas and Brian access to  
nitroproject.org would mean that they would be able to approve bug- 
fixes from the community at large to go into the branch, helping to  
keep Nitro stable.

Ideally, this would lead to all three of you being able to approve  
enhancements and features to go into the trunk.  And it would make  
much easier for the rest of the world to be able to get involved in  

Comments, thoughts?


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