[Nitro] Who knows aspects?

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Thanks I'll look at that

The more-complete-view of Aspects might be a side-issue if Og is only using

Looking at that method, it is still supposed (one imagines) to fit into the
'before' and 'after' and 'wrap' method infrastructure ...

For me it is like this; if the basics don't work it is really difficult to
write about it and let people know what it does.  Or, there might be a bug.
Or, the test code in tc_Aspects.rb could have scatological problems.  

       William (supporting under-employed words every now and again).

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I don't know much more about it. Only that Og uses Aspect.gen_advice_code,
which is not used in the tests.

./og/lib/og/store.rb:193:    Aspects.gen_advice_code(target,
klass.send(advices), where) if klass.respond_to?(advices)



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