[Nitro] add_route missing in Nitro 0.30?

James Britt james.britt at gmail.com
Wed Jun 28 23:32:01 EDT 2006

Has anyone had problems with dispatcher.rb and add_route with Nitro 
0.30?  I searched the list but didn't see any mention.

For whatever reasons, noticed that I was running Nitro 0.29, not 0.30.

I did a gem install of og and Nitro, but was still getting errors in the 
rdog code (which is what got me looking at the version numbers in the 
first place).

Thinking that perhaps rdog should be using the glycerin code, I tried 
running one of my other Nitro apps to see that it was still good when 
running against the current Nitro release.  (And still thinking that I 
had been developing against 0.30, and somehow lost it.)

But it borked right off the bat, complaining that the dispatcher did not 
define add_route.

This seemed odd, so I poked around the 0.30 source, and it appears that 
there is now an add_rule method, but no add_route.  0.29 has add_route 
(but not add_rule; the comments in 0.30 for add_rule refer to routes, 

But the code in dispatcher in 0.30 still calls add_route inside of 

At first  I thought this was a simple name change, so I aliased 
add_route to add_rule, but that fails because the call to add_route is 
passing too many args.

So I pasted in the add_route code from 0.29, and my app now launches, 
but is not quite right;  my little hack does nothing more that enable 
the dispatcher to run without an error.

I looked at the darcs repo code, and it appears the same: dispatcher.rb 
calls add_route, but the method is not defined anywhere.



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