[Nitro] Comments on the new nitroproject.com site

Andrew Thompson vagabond at cataclysm-software.net
Wed Jun 28 14:20:31 EDT 2006

Hmm, well George asked me to comment on any issues I found on the new
nitroproject.com site (check it out if you haven't already..):


Click the 'help' link in the top-right (nitroproject.com/faq)
The backtracking link for 'faq' points to 'http://faq/'

If you browse to a blog category (nitroproject.com/blog/categories/5)
and click on 'blog' in the backtracking link (which points to
/blog/categories) it gives you an 'Error' page.

The 'Authors' link at the bottom of /wiki/index points to a blank page


There's no textual link to the rubyforge project page (for some reason
it's the banner of the main page...?)

There's no link to devlab?

There's no formatting guide for the wiki.


I'm guessing there's more stuff to come. It's nice so far, the design is
nice and clean and fast. I hope that more of the page becomes community
driven though (maybe things like the frontpage could have some kind of
'restricted' editing mode on them so that only users that are trusted
could edit..). Adding features like that to spark would be no bad thing
in any case...


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