[Nitro] Who knows aspects?

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Hi zimbatm

Thanks for your reply.  At least I know the mails are getting some place --
For some reason it my mail isn't coming to me :-o

I wasn't really expecting an "AOP" there is an example on the wtf  about
pre- and post- trigger code.  When I wrote a small dumb example it didn't
work.  I made it even dumber.  Then a really really dumb example.  

I have not managed to get a puts to print something from a call-back.  That
includes the tc_aspects.rb

I added two puts commands to the pre_, post_ methods.  Neither print

I am most interested in some instructions or guide that tells me the
semantics for the hashes.  Because what I thought was happening, just does
not do it for me.  So as you see I haven't' really got onto any expectancy
of aop so far.

One point for clarity, I'm happy if the test does what the test is supposed
to do.  At this point, I want to 'get' the semantics and possibly the syntax
for doing "this it".  (It is not doing a thing I could reasonably expect
given the comments in the code.)



           def pre_advice
       	  puts "pre_advice"
             @b = 1
             @a += 1

           def post_advice
       	  puts "put_advice"
             @c = 1

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Glue::Aspects is not a real AOP Aspect. Instead, the class has to define
interceptable methods.

og/store/sql.rb defines pre and post methods for og_insert, og_update,
og_read and og_delete

you can use it like that :

class User
   before :check_something, :on => [:og_read, :og_insert]

  def check_something



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