[Nitro] Cool things to see

TRANS transfire at gmail.com
Wed Jun 28 02:25:31 EDT 2006

Just for the fun of it:

trans at upixie:~/file/code/ruby/facets$ reap count
FILES: 1113, LINES: 43665 (CODE: 15059, DOC: 14108, TEST: 6658, SPACE: 7840)

Also I have Rolls activated...

trans at upixie:~/file/code/ruby$ irb
irb(main):001:0> Library.list
=> ["soap", "optparse", "roll", "uri", "rake", "rinda", "raindance",
"rain", "irb", "xmlrpc", "date", "digest", "runit", "cgi", "facet",
"io", "bigdecimal", "fruitapp", "reap", "yaml", "test", "rss", "net",
"dl", "wsdl", "webrick", "rexml", "racc", "rubygems", "fly", "xsd",
"shell", "drb", "norma", "rdoc", "facets"]


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