[Nitro] Revisable -- is it the correct semantics??

James Britt james.britt at gmail.com
Tue Jun 27 23:25:45 EDT 2006

Michael Fellinger wrote:

>  ...
> I am all for this solution, would make it easy to use stuff like
> class Page
>   is Reviseable
>   property :title, String
>   property :text, String
> end
> page = Page.create_with :title => 'hello world' :text => 'puts "Hello World!"'
> page.save
> # this should be revision 0
> page.save
> # revision 1 - yes, i want automagic revising...

What was revised?  You want the revision number to get upped on every 
save, even if the item has not changed?  Hmmm.

On the other hand, to do otherwise may introduce assorted questions 
about determining when something has changed in a meaningful way (i.e., 
some concept of a  'dirty' flag)

James Britt

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