[Nitro] [OT] Roll n' Rain

TRANS transfire at gmail.com
Tue Jun 27 22:06:52 EDT 2006

On 6/27/06, James Britt <james.britt at gmail.com> wrote:
> But you know the matter is only partly technical. There is an installed
> gems user base, a growing popularity (or at least familiarity) with
> gems, and an expectation that gems will get rolled into Ruby code at
> some point.

That would be terrbile. Coupling Ruby, a programming language, to a
package management system in order to support versioning is poor
design. Would you lock Ruby into one GUI? Would you lock it into one
database? Or one operating system? B/c that's what Gems is doing to
Ruby. If you want lib versioing you have to use a Gems package.

Not anymore!

While much work remains to be done, Rolls and Rain offer greater
advantages over the long haul.


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