[Nitro] Revisable -- is it the correct semantics??

Dave Langston lists at davidlangston.com
Tue Jun 27 21:11:54 EDT 2006


I hate semantic "wars... uh I mean discussions", and hopefully this one 
is trivial, but before I submit patches I would like to get a sense of 
the community re: 'revisions' which I am currenly using in a project I 
am implementing in Og/Nitro.

In Og glue/revisable.rb, currently (in 0.30.0 and George's repos) you 
"create" an 'item' and then you can "revise" an 'item' and by default 
the first version of the 'item' is assigned  a "revision" of 1 
(presently, the initial 'revision' value of the item is 'nil' and is 
then assigned a 'revision' value of 1 only after executing a "revise", 
at which time the newly created "revised" item is also assigned 
"revision" 1).  Interestingly, currently if you ask for 
item.revision_count  after the first 'revise', it will respond with '1' 
and item.last_revision will respond with the initial 'item' number 1.... 
but if you ask for item.get_revision(1) you get the revised 'item' 
number 1...    from my view, we have inconsistent semantics of 
"revisions" here as well as possible bugs (also, I submitted a patch for 
what I thought was "the" revisioning bug last week which assigns the 
'revised' item a revision number of 2, but the more I use it the more I 
see it is a larger issue)...

So, let's quickly assume we are talking about a Document... I create a 
document (a), I  then revise the document (b), and I then revise the 
document again (c).  What are our semantic options:

A) From one perspective I have an original document with "2" revisions, 
so the revision count is 2, the first revision is (b), the last revision 
is (c) and the initial doc (a) HAS NO REVISION number as it is the 
original (possibly revision "0"???).

B) From another perspective I could say I have 3 revisions (a) is 
revision 1, (b) is revision 2, and (c) is revision 3 and the revision 
count is 3

Frankly, from my standpoint, perspective (B) is preferable from the way 
I see myself typically using the feature, but it is slightly confusing 
semantically.  It is clearer if one calls the process "versioning" and 
you have 3 versions of the document, but now not only does this require 
some patches, but requires renaming the feature as well or worse case, 
requires fixing 'revisioning' and creating a new feature, 
'versioning'....  AHHHHH!!!

thoughts from George as to his initial intent and the community at large??

Dave Langston

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