[Nitro] [OT] Roll n' Rain

TRANS transfire at gmail.com
Tue Jun 27 15:05:50 EDT 2006

On 6/27/06, James Britt <james.britt at gmail.com> wrote:

> Just so I'm clear, code that knows nothing about Roll can use other code
> that has been installed using Roll?


> > The second project is Rain
> Not Rock?
> :)


> > ...
> > While Rain can download drop packages from the internet (on the fly
> > too). I haven't added dependency handling. I'm not sure about that
> > yet. I sometimes think it would be nice to revive RPA to handle this
> > side of things.
> Have you thought about authentication and code signing?

I'd like to work that in eventually, yes. Want to do?

> Mighty contentious claim there.

Well, I've been talking about it for awhile and Austin's been giving
me a hard time about for just as long. So I've had incentive ;)

> Does it play well with gems?  For example, is it plausible that Roll
> could create and install a gem package as it might a .rpm or .deb bundle?

The previous version worked with Gems w/o issue. I have't tested this
version yet, but by design it should work fine. I even have a little
trick in store -- the #library call will try #gem if a library isn't


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