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Howdy ...

I found this question VERY interesting.  In the first instance, it is
something I've had to implement a couple of four times.  It is also a very
common thing in most databases, for instance something like "ZIPCODE"
changes from Numeric to String (and back again) *lol*

The second harkens back to my proposition for a Database Entity.  This is
one really common and good example of _why_ people need that kind of
'integrity' in the database. It is good because it is simple.  It is good
because it happens a lot more than people write about or let on.

Remembering my previous question, it was how to migrate one database to a
second database (http://oxyliquit.de/question/58).  To read from mysql to
sqlite?  To do this effectively we need an ability to open two distinct
Og::Manager instances; one in each database.


as background.  My reading of the Og::Manager is that it is ostensibly built
around a 'single database' paradigm.  It is a bigger thing to consider
applications that need a 'data store' based on a 'multiple database'
paradigm.  (Which I admit is only one person's notion of how I'd do it this
time out of the box).

Emilio15's question: http://oxyliquit.de/question/62, is more sophisticated
example imho.  Personally, I would want to open two different versions of
the SAME database to do this.  Others may choose a different option, of

I thoroughly endorse the Data Dictionary concept!!  One implementation model
for that could use 'dictionary-type' to be used for example.   

My choice is largely based on work with commercial products that
implement(-ed) the suggested:

    "an evolve_schema modify field properties on DB?"

... Functionality and observation of other tools and databases.  

Og maintains its own relationship tables.  This is one extra level of
object-management that needs to be sustained by Og during data migration.

Maintaining distinct database entities and distinct database generations
(versions) keeps things tidy and neat.  That means my life is easier.

It would be interesting to hear other ideas to do what Emillio15 is asking.


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see: http://oxyliquit.de/question/62

George: is this possible?

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