[Nitro] RDog ping

Andrew Thompson vagabond at cataclysm-software.net
Fri Jun 23 20:17:49 EDT 2006

On Wed, Jun 21, 2006 at 02:20:54PM -0700, James Britt wrote:

The ML ate my post, but I can re-reply again...

> What I'm looking at now is how to track the name of the file where a 
> method/const/attr is defined, so that, for example, one can look at 
> Array and see that it can have a to_yaml method, but only if you include 
> another file.
RdOg does this, but I had to hack the internal(horribly ugly) format
rdoc stores it's class/method/whatever info in. This breaks ALL other

> One thought: ruedoc/yamlize each file, one-by-one, and then let rdog 
> manage the interleaving of classes and methods.  (This might make it 
> easier to handle arbitrary rdoc data from gems and such; just parse and 
> load, and let rdog do the rest.)
Why use YAML at all? Why not database back this information? The
original plan for rdog was to use Og to store all the information. The
YAML stuff was only a transitional thing because we couldn't get Og to
work. That has been resolved, but we never finished porting it to use

I have actually just checked out the repository and installed nitro. I'm
gonna try and get rdoc-devel (my hacked rdoc) to work with ruby 1.8.4
(there's probably rdoc changes again that are breaking things). I'm also
gonna try and transition to a proper og generator and move away from the
YAML one. I tried to kludge the Og one onto the existing YAML one which
just added more issues than it solved.

I think YAML is not really suited to this anyway, it's harder to
generate a list of all classes/methods, you often have to load more into
RAM than you need and it's a pain to search. I think Og would do an all
round better job.

If manveru, James or someone else was willing to help with the frontend
and just persistantly nag me on generator issues I still think we can
knock rdog into some kinda acceptable shape. I'm really gonna *try* and
do something this weekend to make progress on this front. If someone
else could assist with testing/frontend conversion that'd be great.

I hope this stupid email works this time...


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