[Nitro] RDog ping

Andrew Thompson vagabond at cataclysm-software.net
Fri Jun 23 16:11:25 EDT 2006

On Wed, Jun 21, 2006 at 02:20:54PM -0700, James Britt wrote:
> What I'm looking at now is how to track the name of the file where a 
> method/const/attr is defined, so that, for example, one can look at 
> Array and see that it can have a to_yaml method, but only if you include 
> another file.
Rdog did this, however it required some changes to rdoc's output to
allow this. Rdoc just puts everything from a particular class into one
file with no origin information. I hacked it so that they'd remain
seperate and I put all the pieces back together in the generator (which
is why all the other generators fail when you run with the rdog-rdoc).

> One thought: ruedoc/yamlize each file, one-by-one, and then let rdog 
> manage the interleaving of classes and methods.  (This might make it 
> easier to handle arbitrary rdoc data from gems and such; just parse and 
> load, and let rdog do the rest.)
I'm not convinced we need YAML at all, why not pass the data to Og? Then
we can cleanly only get the information we need, rather then sucking big
YAML files into RAM.

Anyway, I know I said I'd try to knock the rdog generator into shape,
but I've been far too busy to have the energy to touch it. I apologise
but I'm not sure when I will have a chance to attack it...


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