[Nitro] About the different repos

Jonas Pfenniger zimba.tm at gmail.com
Fri Jun 23 06:37:53 EDT 2006

Hi list,

Actually there are two major repos out there :
* http://devlab.oree.ch/darcs/glycerin
* http://repo.nitroproject.org

The first one's short name is "glycerin". It would be handy to also
have a short name for george's repo. What about "navel", "tip", "edge"
or simply "repo" ? George is best placed to choose a name for his repo
but inputs are welcom.

I would also like to know what will happen to all modifications in
glycerin. I think that George will take his own repo to make the
release and as the time passes, the differences between both repos
grows. We all know that the changes will have to be merged one time
because if we wait too long, some part of the work will be lost. We
also know that George doesn't particularily like to merge other
people's work ;-) This is why I propose to sync glycerin on "repo" as
fast as possible. And this leads to the third point...

Some people (like me) are developping on top of glycerin because 0.30
is unstable and the fixes are only in glycerin. The mistake was to not
create a stable branch for 0.30. Now I think it's too late but for the
next release, I'll create a new repo where we can backport fixes.
Probably under the url http://devlab.oree.ch/nitroproject/0.31

Please post your thoughts :-)



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