[Nitro] Devlab and Facets-1.4.2

James Britt james.britt at gmail.com
Wed Jun 21 22:37:21 EDT 2006

TRANS wrote:
> Interesting. I didn't realize the devlab repo for Facets was already
> up and running. Well that's cool b/c I that was going to be my next
> task after offical release of 1.4. So what's the url for pulling it
> down?
> Also, Jonas said something about Trac not working with Darcs, and that
> maybe we should consider SVN instead? I really know very little about
> SVN, so I can't really judge. But it's too bad Trac doesn't work with
> Darcs. So why have most other Rubists gone with SVN?

Ah, a potential flame-filled  religious war troll-fest!

OK, here's my little story:

Was on cvs for about forever.  Like many, got fed up with the quirks.

Also saw that an increasing number of Rubyists were using svn (though 
not ruby-lang itself; perhaps one day), and a sort of viral effect set 
it.  To grab code for various projects I had to install and learn a 
little about svn.

(Side note: That's how I learned about darcs, too, which I like, though 
I'm not sure how it compares to svn.  I often suggest people consider 
darcs if they are shopping for source control, though.)

So then I ended up on a project that had switched from cvs to svn, and 
after a mild learning period, I liked it.  Certainly better than cvs, 
and there seem to be assorted tools and hooks and such that allow for a 
sort of ecosystem.  Capistrano (AKA Switchtower, until a C&D on the name 
came along), for example, assumes svn.   As does Trac.

I've recently been giving myself a crash course in Trac. It's built for 
svn, and after a bit of snake rasslin' I had it up and running and 
working it's magic.

It's hard to ignore the value of the network effect.  Most developers I 
know or end up working with know something in the RCS/CVS/SVN gene pool. 
  Moving from one to another is not an issue; typically, people have 
migrated one direction, ending up at SVN.   Suggesting darcs to a team 
therefore can be an issue.   But I know a few local people who are using 
Trac, so I have some resources if I need help.

There are seem to be more tools and hacks that add value to svn than, 
say darcs.  So when picking a code repo tool, one should consider both 
the immediate feature set and the extended value-added from 3rd-party 
apps and such.

James Britt

"You harmonize; then you customize."
  - Wilson Pickett

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