[Nitro] Facets 1.4.2

TRANS transfire at gmail.com
Wed Jun 21 12:53:57 EDT 2006

Facets 1.4.2 has been released. With any luck this will be the
official 1.4 release. Major changes:

* consoleapp.rb is now called command.rb and Console::Command now
supports multi-flags (eg. -xvzf).

* classinherit.rb is gone. Use classmethods.rb or better module/class_extension.

* Added kernel __method__ and __callee__. Appearently these will be
standard in Ruby 2.0. They replace the old #method_name and #methname.

* Added yet another alias for (class <<self;self;end) called
kernel/quaclass and deprecated #singleton and #adhoc. Currently the
(independently) available methods for this are:

  - eigenclass
  - metaclass
  - own
  - quaclass
  - singleton_class

Note #eigenclass has been fun, but it seems support for it is starting
to wane --I guess b/c matz didn't go for it. "eigen", btw, essentially
means "own", hence the #own method, which was provided as a concise
alternative (instead of #meta). BTW, Both #own and #quaclass have a
nice extra feature, they can take a block and module_eval it against
the "qua class".


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