[Nitro] Nitro evolution Rules ??

Michael Fellinger m.fellinger at gmail.com
Mon Jun 19 06:26:58 EDT 2006


that page is really helpful :) already using it to show others concepts of Og.
However, there are some small things that bug me:

the code-example at the beginning, how about using real code? most people who 
know ruby are confused about how this should work or display

next thing is
og_pre_insert_update …. [?] what is an insert-update???
 og_post_insert_update …

i think it works for insert AND update, saves a bit of typing :)

also, an example of EZ would be nice
Foo.find{|foo| foo.name == 'bar'}
or similar... there's lots of them in announcements

at explaining options:
* destroy 
  - false: remove any existing database 
  - true: leave existing table alone if it’s there

just invert that :)

* evolve_schema => true, 
  - false:
  - true:

This is the trigger if Og should add new fields/tables to the database.

* evolve_schema_cautious (true) 
  - false: avoid destructive schema changes.
  - true: drop old fields not present (also, are unused tables dropped?)

yes, this one is applying _all_changes - adding/dropping tables/rows

don't have too much time, hope that helps a bit :)

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