[Nitro] Some suggestions for 0.31.0 (gems)

TRANS transfire at gmail.com
Sun Jun 18 21:08:10 EDT 2006

On 6/16/06, Michael Fellinger <m.fellinger at gmail.com> wrote:

> Third: >> facets <<
> I know the issues with facets, as their code is weaved closely with
> nitro/og, but i have to say that i'm using still the code of 0.29.0
> with the current facets and have no broken functionality.
> This may serve as both an compliment and an reminder to both the
> community and especially to trans and george, since they work closely
> together.

We work pretty close together on certain parts where functionality is
crucial for Nitro/Og. That's true. Keep in mind though that I'm sworn
to keeping Facets a general purpose library. And that's actually a
boon for Nitro/Og as opposed to ActiveSupport and Rails.

> But it's a reminder that nitro _is_ becoming more mature and we should
> reflect that, if possible in the dependencies of the next gems to come

I think we're getting to a point where it would be safe to reduce the
dependeny resitrictions for Facets to a flexibley teenty: 1.3.x or
1.4.x, etc.

> Another thing is that the rdoc of facets doesn't seem to be on the
> latest level on facets.rubyforge.org - it would be nice to have an
> up2date documentation since i regulary search this page for
> functionality i need and maybe have close at hand without knowing it.

Hmm... they should be up2date. Are there some partiuclar docs missing?
Please let me know anything you come across. I've put a lot of work
into the docs, but it's a huge task. Also I've noticed that Rdoc
itself can be a little tricky. Sometimes it doesn't display what I had
exepted. Help with docs is very much appreciated!

> gemifying examples/spark/flare

I concur with Jonas. Get familiar with Reap and this will pretty much
become cake. Moreover the more people using Reap the better it'll get.


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