[Nitro] Some suggestions for 0.31.0 (gems)

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Sat Jun 17 11:39:19 EDT 2006

> First: >> nitro/ProjectInfo:  - [ RedCloth, '= 3.1.3' ] <<
> Can we somehow get rid of that dependency?
> not even spark/flare use the markup-method, so why should we use them?
> and glue is being droppend anyway so what better time is there to get
> rid of it :)

Ok, for the moment I will add a >= dependecy for Redcloth ;-) And I
will consider relaxing this dependency altogether in a future version.

> Second: >> specific-version-dependencies a la = 3.1.3 <<
> this is especially for the ruby-breakpoint and daemons dependency, it
> my proposal is - use of >= here as well. for the reasons i mentioned earlier.

Ok, same here ;-)

> Third: >> facets <<
> functionality i need and maybe have close at hand without knowing it.

I really want to keep the = constaint with facets for the time beeing
;-) Even though
both nitro and facets have matured a lot since the last time we
discussed this, I strongly believe that a = dependecy on facets is
still neccessary.

> This is something i would _love_ to see and that would make a great

I would love to see this too ;-)

> If you guys are happy with distributing flare/spark on this way, i
> will do my best to create gems for them ( though the help of anybody
> on that point would be greatly appreciated, since i currently have no
> experience with that stuff ) and also to clean up the code that is in
> there, which is in some parts incomplete or unneccesary or a bit hard
> to understand.

this sounds great. Go for it ;-) And you get tons of love from all
members of our community!

best regards,


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