[Nitro] Some suggestions for 0.31.0 (gems)

James Britt james.britt at gmail.com
Fri Jun 16 23:36:58 EDT 2006

Michael Fellinger wrote:
> Hey Nitroists :)
> This is not the usual - I-want-this-feature email

Oh, sure.


> gemifying examples/spark/flare
> This is something i would _love_ to see and that would make a great
> point of entry for newcomers who just want to setup a wiki/blog within
> 5 minutes or check out what all the fuss is about.

Yes. It's annoying that the default Nitro page that appears when you run

   gen app foobar

refers to examples that, surprise! are not installed by default; the 
page says nothing about where you can get them.

Having a "gem install nitro-examples" would be sweet.

On that note, the sample Nitro stuff one gets with gen  app could be  a 
bit nicer.  I've wrote up a description of getting started with Nitro, 
and I found it awkward to first explain what you get with gen app, and 
then explaining how to go write a Nitro app that uses basically none of 

Yes, You *can* put your controller right in run.rb, and yes you *could* 
have all your HTML generate as a giant string from your controller 
methods, but I have a hard time believing anyone writes a Web app of any 
size doing that.

Better if "gen app" creates template (or whatever George decides to cal 
it), model, and controller folders with simple, but architecturally 
correct, classes.  It would go a long way in showing how one might use 
Nitro for typical development.

> I have little to no experience with creating gems and i'm not sure if
> we should make examples to a gem - but at least providing a direct
> link from both the homepage and the starting-page of a new
> nitro-application would help in the long term.


> however, i would love to see flare/spark neatly packaged up, with some
> small tutorial on how to get up and running with them (which might
> take as little as a 2-page-tutorial on oxywtf)
> I know that george once had the plan to gemify them and to make them
> run nicely (as much as possible) with kirbybase so the users don't
> have to install any database and just can get work done.

That would be quite nice, too.

> If we ever get that far, no doubt - we will be flooded with new users.
> There is a large-scale-curiosity out there about what nitro/og is and
> what it is capable of - almost everybody has heard about it (even
> pythonistas) but consider it as immature because of documentation.

I can understand that perception.  A bit more slickness in the Web sites 
and docs might do wonders for attracting coders to Og/Nitro, people who 
(ideally) might then help make it better.

> So, since we already love to let code speak for us, getting these two
> applications on the street would serve as a real beacon and might as
> well lead to more questions on oxywtf and great new minds to share
> their thoughts with.

More examples, showing a variety of Og/Nitro features, in a deliberately 
explicit style (i.e., they would not have the tightest/tersest code, but 
the code would serve as working demos and tutorials, not as production 
apps anyway) would be nice.

> If you guys are happy with distributing flare/spark on this way, i
> will do my best to create gems for them ( though the help of anybody
> on that point would be greatly appreciated, since i currently have no
> experience with that stuff ) and also to clean up the code that is in
> there, which is in some parts incomplete or unneccesary or a bit hard
> to understand.

I have experience creating gems, though not very much free time.  But 
give me a yell if you need help.

> Also we could bring in some new features from our latest developments
> like the feedgenerator or cleaning up of the model-code. as well as
> better use of elements.

More examples are good.

James Britt

"In physics the truth is rarely perfectly clear, and that is certainly
  universally the case in human affairs. Hence, what is not surrounded by
  uncertainty cannot be the truth."
  - R. Feynman

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