[Nitro] Can nitro be used with eruby?

Anne G anne at wjh.harvard.edu
Wed Jun 14 11:14:44 EDT 2006

1. using Nitro

> while there are some complex parts in Nitro, one can
> safely ignore most of it and do simple, template-driven
> Web sites quite easily.

Sounds like what I need. Right now I am trying to learn the

> Q10: Ok! I see the example, I run it, but I do not
> understand what is happening. Could you explain the
> execution cycle of a small application like the
> HelloWorld? E.g when I do: "ruby run.rb" what happens?

George answered I 'll come back with this one :)
but he did not!!! I wish  he had.

the tutorial uses a skeleton, not what I am looking for
right now. The examples George and James gave me were best.
I started with George's example, instead of
      The time now is #{Time.now}
I tried,

in public, index.xhtml:
       <?r puts "this is cool" ?>
       or what
, I only get, or what.

Next I tried puting the ruby code in the run.rb

require 'nitro'

and trying
     The value is #{value1}
that gave an error
     The value is #{value1=1}
worked (I get: the value is 1).

I thought James example would be easy to use
but I get an error, right now I don't see what could be
the problem. its from day 2 teach yourself ruby!

#--- File src/controller/main/rb ---

class Main
   def index
     @title = "Erb Example"
     @body = task1 +task2


   def task1
     return "1"

   def task2
     return "2"

   def emit
     template = ERB.new( html )

   def html
     "<html><head><title><%=@title %></title></head>
     <body><%= @body %></body></html>"

That's for the applied exercise using NITRO.

For the conceptural issues involved, I wrote down what I
understood so far. It is still a bit vague, but I will clean
my post as I find more info.

was a big step forward.

My thinking is that with apache, I can set up a .htaccess
file, which will redirect calls to a cgi file which would
act as james controller. I should do it just to demonstrate
the concept.

But first it would be nice to have George et James modified
examples working

thanks for your help,


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