[Nitro] Quick session questions

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Mon Jun 12 17:30:12 EDT 2006


> That worked great. Thanks!
> Seems a bit strange though...It seems quite unlogical to me that the
> Session references something that isn't initialized yet. But never
> mind...as long as it works. :)

Well, imho not so much unlogical as annoying, that the error message
is clearly advertising the problem for experienced Og users, but the
message is very misleading for new people.

The error message inside the Og Session store should say somethin like:

"Og Store not initialized yet, please initialize it _after_ setting up
the Og Session Store."

instead of 'missing ogmanager'. This is clearly annoying and should be
cleaned up.

The Og Session Store _can't_ know where it should save it's data (to
the Og instance you declared before? Or a new one?) so it does the
right thing, it throws an error. Now, we just need to get nicer error
messages :P

George you hearing me? :P

Quick workaround: lib/og/entity.rb:519:in `method_missing' << just put
a condition in there, if a 'ogmanager' is missing, rethrow the error
just with another message. Unclean? dunno.


Feel the love

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