[Nitro] Quick session questions

Lars Olsson lasso at lassoweb.nu
Mon Jun 12 13:30:04 EDT 2006


thanks for answering so quickly. I'm still having trouble getting it to 
work though. A sample app:

require 'nitro'
require 'og'

class Foo
   def index
     "Hello, I'm Foo"

# I don't know whether this is necessary, but the app doesn't work
# with or without it
	:destroy => true,
	:store => 'sqlite',
	:name => 'foo'

# I get errors when using this. Without this line the app runs fine
Nitro::Session.cache_type = :og


app.log attached. I start Nitro by doing:
ruby -rubygems run.rb --webrick --live --address --port 80 --start

What am I doing wrong?


Lars Olsson
lasso at lassoweb.nu

Fabian Buch skrev:
> Since it might be useful for other ppl too, I posted it on oxywtf.de 
> including an answer:
> Am 12.06.2006 um 15:57 schrieb Lars Olsson:
>> 1. How do I change the session cache type (to use og instead of memory
>> sessions)
> http://oxyliquit.de/question/60
>> 2. In a controller the "session" hash contains the current session
>> variables. Do I need to do something special in order to use this hash 
>> in
>> the view as well?
> No, you can use it in templates the same way as in the controller.
> Fabian
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