[Nitro] Can nitro be used with eruby?

Fabian Buch fabian at oggu.de
Sun Jun 11 07:13:04 EDT 2006

hi Anne,

Like in a previous thread about Og, I have to say again, you should 
choose the right tools for your needs.

You seem to mix up some things, like frameworks with templating..
Eruby is for templating only.
A web framework (like Nitro, or RoR) is complete sets of tools that 
usually bring everything with them to develop complete web apps. Some 
of it is for templating (Nitro has it's own, RoR (Rails) uses erb 
(similar to eruby)), additionally there might be helper stuff, and 
maybe some separation for MVC (Model, View, Controller). There are all 
kinds of frameworks out there and every is working a little different.

My advise for you is to first figure out what you need and then choose 
what to use:
   - learn what a framework is
   - do you really need a full blown framework?
   - take a look at what MVC is
   - do you need a framework with MVC separation?
   - if you like eruby, need a framework and MVC you might like Rails 
and should have a look at it
   - take a look at Nitro, which brings it's own, feature-rich MVC and a 
little different templating compared to Rails and eruby
   - read a Nitro tutorial ( 
http://oxyliquit.de/tutorial/nitro%20in%20flames )

It's generally a bad idea to try to mingle different templating systems 
and/or even frameworks together as a beginner in web development.

Hopefully the above will be useful for you and welcome to the Nitro 
community if you find out that's what fits your needs best.


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