[Nitro] REST helper

Riku Räisänen riku.raisanen at walkingwoods.com
Sat Jun 10 06:59:53 EDT 2006

> I'm sorry that nobody has weighed-in here yet.  Let this post function as 
> a
> "bump" to revisit the topic of REST in Nitro.  Anyone have any
> ideas/suggestions?
> - Dimitri

I've been working with Adobe Flex 2.0 beta 3 for some time now. Flex/Flash 
player supports RESTful methods like GET,POST,PUT,DELETE. Rich Internet 
Applications are getting more and more attention everyday.

I could really put RESThelper into some good use. Also, I rather like the 
way this is done in camping:

class ProductCotroller < Nitro::Controller
    helper :RESThelper

    def get(id)

    def delete(id)
        return '<success />' if Product[id.to_i].delete

and so on.. This might lead into multiple controllers, which is fine by me, 
but if you can think of some ruby-magic way to put the stuff into one 
controller with modules or something like that, this would ne nice too.

It seems that you're planning to be very specific to some REST whitepapers.. 
I'm not sure if all that functionality is needed. Haven't looked much into 
it tho.

Just writing down some ideas before the topic dies again. Now I need to 
continue this project.. gosh, I hate working on weekends.

-Riku Räisänen

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