[Nitro] Fwd: Troubles along the class-level heirarchy

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Sat Jun 10 04:26:00 EDT 2006

>   def self.included( base )
>     base.module_eval { ... }
>   end
> is a NO NO. It misrepresents what's really going on. The class
> hierachy will show the module included, but in actually the code has
> been pasted directly into the class --their is no inheritance, you
> couldn't redefine a method and call super from it, etc. Moreover the
> class methods one might define in this way, to get around the lack of
> class-level module inheritance, are only effective at one level, a
> module of this kind included in another module will not be effective.
> So please do not use this technique and help root out all occurances
> of it. I spent a good bit of time myself getting rid of it in Og about
> a year ago.




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