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George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Sat Jun 10 04:10:12 EDT 2006

I had a look at your code, but it seemed to me that it was an
extremely early prototype. If you could work a little bit on this
interesting idea I would *love* to see an updated version.


On 6/9/06, Dimitri Aivaliotis <aglarond at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Bryan,
> Sorry for the very delayed post, but I was Offline for quite awhile, then
> had to play catch-up. :)
> On 5/13/06, Bryan Soto < bryan.a.soto at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > Okay, let's discuss. I'm intrigued that it seems possible to do this
> > as a helper. I'd always assumed it'd be necessary to modify Nitro to
> > make it restful. Do you think it can or is this just a start? And do
> > you have any ideas on how to handle the differing method of output? It
> > seems with George's recent compiler work, the pieces might be in place
> > for this.
> I had toyed with the idea of a RESTController, but I think that a helper is
> less confining.  A developer can use the standard Nitro controller, mix-in
> the desired helper libraries, and create something new.  The REST helper is
> designed to provide methods that would help an application to be RESTful.
> In its current state, it's woefully incomplete, but I was hoping to garner
> some further input from the list...  What would people like to see as helper
> methods here?
> Already included would be:
> accept_headers, content_headers - to extract certain header information
> features - to determine the supported features of a server
> negotiate_content, negotiate_format, negotiate_language - to discover what's
> the best form of a resource to deliver
>  representation - to actually deliver that resource
> restify_form - use Ajax techniques to help a form work within the REST
> framework (this could also be thought of as an extension to the Form
> helper).
> A developer could then pick and choose the methods he/she would like to use.
>  This may seem like a weak approach, but I think it fits in well with
> Nitro's philosophy of being as open as possible for developers to use as
> they please.
> > I don't mean you directly, Dimitri, in the above, though if you have
> > thoughts I'd be interested to hear them. What other topics did you
> > want to talk about? :)
> >
> I'm sorry that nobody has weighed-in here yet.  Let this post function as a
> "bump" to revisit the topic of REST in Nitro.  Anyone have any
> ideas/suggestions?
> - Dimitri
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