[Nitro] resultset metadata

James Britt james_b at neurogami.com
Fri Jun 9 09:32:57 EDT 2006

Fabian Buch wrote:
> So before going ahead with Og you should probably do the following 
> first:
>    - learn more about the language Ruby
>    - try using ruby-dbi and see whether it fits your world better
>    - try ActiveRecord (Rails) which makes your life a lot easier than 
> low-level libs
>    - learn more about ActiveRecord while devoping your apps

I have to agree.  Not to discourage anyone from using Og, but you should 
try to pick the right tool.

The big appeal of Og is that it focuses on the Ruby model, not the 
underlying storage mechanism.  So if the storage mechanism is your first 
concern, then DBI is probably a better fit.


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