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Dimitri Aivaliotis aglarond at gmail.com
Fri Jun 9 07:03:08 EDT 2006

Hi Bryan,

Sorry for the very delayed post, but I was Offline for quite awhile, then
had to play catch-up. :)

On 5/13/06, Bryan Soto <bryan.a.soto at gmail.com> wrote:
> Okay, let's discuss. I'm intrigued that it seems possible to do this
> as a helper. I'd always assumed it'd be necessary to modify Nitro to
> make it restful. Do you think it can or is this just a start? And do
> you have any ideas on how to handle the differing method of output? It
> seems with George's recent compiler work, the pieces might be in place
> for this.

I had toyed with the idea of a RESTController, but I think that a helper is
less confining.  A developer can use the standard Nitro controller, mix-in
the desired helper libraries, and create something new.  The REST helper is
designed to provide methods that would help an application to be RESTful.
In its current state, it's woefully incomplete, but I was hoping to garner
some further input from the list...  What would people like to see as helper
methods here?

Already included would be:

accept_headers, content_headers - to extract certain header information

features - to determine the supported features of a server

negotiate_content, negotiate_format, negotiate_language - to discover what's
the best form of a resource to deliver

representation - to actually deliver that resource

restify_form - use Ajax techniques to help a form work within the REST
framework (this could also be thought of as an extension to the Form

A developer could then pick and choose the methods he/she would like to
use.  This may seem like a weak approach, but I think it fits in well with
Nitro's philosophy of being as open as possible for developers to use as
they please.

I don't mean you directly, Dimitri, in the above, though if you have
> thoughts I'd be interested to hear them. What other topics did you
> want to talk about? :)

I'm sorry that nobody has weighed-in here yet.  Let this post function as a
"bump" to revisit the topic of REST in Nitro.  Anyone have any

- Dimitri
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