[Nitro] resultset metadata

Fabian Buch fabian at oggu.de
Fri Jun 9 06:34:15 EDT 2006

hi Rahul,

Your aproach is kinda the low-level approach of a PHP database adapter. 
You can use those in Ruby too, like using ruby-dbi, or ruby-mysql 
directly, these are the low-level libraries and you can use them kinda 
like in PHP.

ActiveRecord (from Rails) and Og (ObjectGraph) are a lot more 
high-level but with a different perspective.

In ActiveRecord you do the database-stuff first and an "Object-model" 
gets created out of that, as far as I understand it (didn't use it 
since one of the very early versions of it).

In Og you do it the other way round. You model the classes with it's 
properties first, like:

class User
   property :surname, String
   property :firstname, String

Og then creates a table named "user" with the columns "surname" and 

It's a totally different approach to what you were describing. You have 
the column names and such already as properties of the class User.

So before going ahead with Og you should probably do the following 
   - learn more about the language Ruby
   - try using ruby-dbi and see whether it fits your world better
   - try ActiveRecord (Rails) which makes your life a lot easier than 
low-level libs
   - learn more about ActiveRecord while devoping your apps
   - have a look at Hibernate
   - if you get more used to TopDown approaches (Objects first) learn 
more about Og
   - get prepared to read Og's source as its documentation
   - try Og
   - enjoy the magic of Og

If you are at step 8, try the following Og tutorial 


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