[Nitro] repo.nitroproject.org

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Wed Jun 7 11:36:58 EDT 2006

Dear devs,

I just uploaded some new stuff in the repo.nitroproject.org version.
After some extrensive low level changes to og and other parts of nitro
this is mostly working code now. Beware, only tthe mysql driver is
ported and more refactoring is planned.

If anyone feels adventerous, please download the code, and have a look
at the store/adapter code and give your suggestions for further
improvements before we go  on and convert the rest of the drivers.

On negative news, the release of nitroproject.org will be delayed for
about a week (due to technical reasons). The code is progressing
nicely though even though the initial release will not be the final
version (ie the site will be updated and improved regularly).


PS: one nice feature in the repo that I want to mention, because it
was in the todo list for soooo long:

og collection building

Hopefully an example will suffice:

a = Article.new
a.categories << c1
a.categories << c2
a.tags << t1
a.tags << t2

the collections are accumulated in memory and saved in one go. (a nice
side  effect, the admin joins_many control now works correctly ;-))


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