[Nitro] [ANN] Facets 1.4 RC1

TRANS transfire at gmail.com
Tue Jun 6 13:21:42 EDT 2006

Hey all.

Just put out Facets 1.4.1 (aka RC2) There are only two changes. 1) the
 package is all inclusive now, i.e. contains the whole project
repository. And 2) included an update to typecast.rb (Thanks zimbatm!)

I also update Reap to 6.0.1 (same deal) It too fixes the package to
contain the whole repository and I also ditched the "trunk" parameter
(stupid idea, glad it's gone) Also I added a new parameter to the
package task which allows you to set rules for where the files are
copied into the release package. By default it's a one to one mirror
image. I'll explain more about how it works later.


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