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Tue Jun 6 12:37:58 EDT 2006

Hello folks 

I want to get a picture of Og.  I have been playing with Ruby for a little
while.  I've been playing with applications and middleware for 20+ years.  I
have some previous FORTH and Smalltalk experience everything Ruby is not
completely new to me.  I like it a lot.  More so I like the community
process developing.  Funny how the community reflects the language.

Can someone point me to a basic (descriptive) documentation on Og.
Essentially the kind of thing that goes into a "User Guide" or "Programmers
Guide".  Failing that, I've got an expanded quest ... 

My first question is about the complete set of Options (properties) for Og
as in the Og.setup(...) method.  And the options on the Model class.  Such
beauties as:

 >  is Timestamped
 >  is Taggable
 >  is Revisable
 >  include Sweeper
 >  property :title, String, :uniq => true
 >  property :body, String, :control => :textarea
 >   (... from nitro/Spark)

Not every "label" and "symbol" is completely intuitive.  I've discovered
that Taggable can create at least two un-documented tables.  Automation is
fine.  When it comes to what goes on a database, it all has to be "accounted
for" and "tracked".

I find some Og behaviours bordering on frightening (hence my added 'warning'
on the question).  I have spent my evening 'diagnosing' the changes in my
"Test" database.  They are both interesting and inscrutable.  

See this question.  It has become very interesting as a learning exercise:


I want to keep the question manageable.  If someone can begin with the
functions (descriptive) of the options that one may use with a model file
and the managed classes' options.

On the critical level, there needs to be a way to package one database
(technical term a "sub-schema") as an object.  At the data-model-layer Og is
some tables with relations.  I say this because the answer to my question is
at the (unit) database logical level and not with collected "tables".

Some of the info I'm looking for was on the nitrohq wiki -- Is that going to
be restored?

       platypus (William)

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