[Nitro] Arbitrary length URIs

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Tue Jun 6 09:52:19 EDT 2006


A little thought I had afterwards:

>> And am I going to have problems with periods?   Is something going to
>> intercept what look like file requests before they get to my controller?
>> As in..
>> http://myssite.com/repository/show/dir_1/dir_2/dir_n/file.txt
> If that file (file.txt) exists in the path
> `$appdir/public/repository/show/dir_1/dir_2/dir_n/`
> then it will be served, otherwise it will be handled by your controller.

This is dependand on your Nitro version. I think versions before 0.30 had
this evil regex that all urls with periods in it were regarded as files
in the filesystem.
This was removed gladly. In 0.30 and above my comment will be true.


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