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>> > You already got.. like a plan on where to start with the documentation?
> Yeah, I was wondering if you have a plan or something.
> As I said on the list, in a few weeks I will be able to work quite
> more on community development issues (including docs). It would be
> nice to cooperate with you (an all other parties interested)

I'm putting together a comprehensive plan after I finish going through 
the existing documentation and mailing list archives in order to pull 
some common threads together about what's already there or kinda there, 
and what's totally missing, combined with what people have been asking 
(and in the case of Oxyliquit, what people have been answering).

I have a sketch of plan now, mostly based off of my experiences using 
Nitro and a long post James Britt made a while back, which I think 
enumerated a lot of good documentation targets.

I'm also very concerned and interested in packaging Nitro in 
easier-to-get-running ways, so I'm working on that as well.

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