[Nitro] Reap Progress

Dylan Bruzenak dylanb at digitalvalence.com
Fri Jun 2 14:59:00 EDT 2006

A web 2.0 file manager ?  Sounds interesting.  Got a feature list ?
> On 6/1/06, Jonas Pfenniger <zimba.tm at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi TRANS,
>> what's your next project after reap ?
> Well, as far as programiming goes I like to get this Javascript code
> editor up to reasonable usabliity, so that Code Shepperd take put it
> to use. I'm also working on a browser based file manger using Web 2.0
> tech. Maybe Code Sheppard can use it too, but I actually want to use
> it myself. There's also Rolls which is really quite close to being
> finished, but it's not 100% usable until it's easy to copy files into
> versioned locations at package or install time --in either case I got
> more work too do :/
> But the main reason I need to back-off a good bit is becuase 1) I have
> non-profit organization for which I have to put up a website and
> finish paper work, but more importantly 2) I HAVE TO MAKE SOME MONEY!
>> I'm using it a lot and find it
>> very usefull. I think George does too. If you want, we can put it on
>> devlab too, so that we can fix things, add tasks, ... it's a community
>> development after all.
> I'm really glad to hear that. *Warm Fuzzies* :-) This next version is
> pretty sweet. I'm looking foward to putting it on devlab and see how
> the community runs with it. Now if I can just get this bug fixed....
> Thanks,
> T.
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