[Nitro] Shepherding Nitro documentation (and Reap)

Dan Moniz dnm at pobox.com
Thu Jun 1 05:07:34 EDT 2006

Hi all,

I just rejoined the list (in digest mode; apologies in advance if I take 
a day or two to reply to list mail) after having been on briefly during 
2005, and generally lurking via the Mailman archives.

I'm a fan of Nitro and would like to see it prosper. In reading over 
some of the list traffic over the past few months, I agree with the 
sentiment that James and others have mentioned: documentation is crucial 
and packaging is key. I don't think anyone on this list thinks 
otherwise, but everyone has things they need to do and are already 
working hard on.

I'm willing to step forward and take on the task of shepherding Nitro 
documentation, in concert with the work already being done on Oxyliquit 
and elswhere, to help out the project. I've been hacking in Ruby since 
January 2001, have been building (internal, non-public) apps with Rails 
since mid-2004, and have been playing off and on with Nitro since 2005. 
I think there's lots of room for both Rails and Nitro (and still 
others!), and would love to see Nitro become another viable option for 
Ruby hackers on the order of Rails.

One area I think I can also be of help outside documentation is on 
Windows support, as I primarily do development on Windows (and OS X).

Additionally, I saw that Thomas is looking for someone to take on Reap. 
Since I'm using Rake now and already playing with and investigating Reap 
as a general task execution/build management/automation system, and 
since there's a lot of things I'd like Rake to do that it doesn't, 
whereas Reap doesn't but *could*, given its design, I'm game to do this 
as well.

Dan Moniz <dnm at pobox.com> [http://pobox.com/~dnm/]

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