[Nitro] Nitro Core Development team

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 06:41:36 EST 2006

Dear devs,

>From February 15th and for at least 1 month I will not be able to
devote time on the Nitro project. However, as now there are quite a
number of people using Nitro and/or Og, I am sure we can find an
appropriate solution to keep this project alive. I am not sure which
is the best way to proceed and I would certainly like to hear your
opinion on this. In the meantime here are my thoughts:

We could take advantage of this fact to stabilize the current version
of Nitro and build a Core development team. After 0.28.0 gets released
(about Feb 10th) and for about one month we should try to stabilize
Nitro, fixing bugs and vastly improving the RDoc documentation.
Perhaps creating some more screen casts and examples. We should setup
a Core developer team of about 3 people to be responsible with the
integration of patches and the release of this cleanup version

I would like to propose the MotionPath guys, Bryan Sotto and Guill for
the Core development team.  Perhaps the MotionPath guys could donate
their darcs repository where the patches will be temporarily
integrated. And once per week they could send a bigger patch bundle to
drak at navel.gr where Tasos Koutoumanos (an associate) can grab it and
apply it to the official repository for other people to grab.
Alternatively, I would have to find a way to provide access to our
server to the core team members. I would prefer the first solution

As I said, I would like you opinion on all this. I really hope that
everyone on this list agrees that Nitro is an important project, worth
keeping alive. I trully believe that this  is a great opportunity to
stabilize the current code base AND build a more decentralized team of
core developers.


PS: I *will* be back to continue improving Nitro and Og. There are
sooo many things to add, the journay has just started!


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