[Nitro] Possible BUG in lib/og/relation/has_many.rb (and possible fix)

Bryan Soto bryan.a.soto at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 00:50:21 EST 2006

Hi Aidan,

You've been busy :)

I don't know much about Yaml to be honest. So with this patch, does the
collection actually get represented properly as a list or other collection?
Although, I suppose I should just sit down and try it out. ;)


On 1/29/06, Aidan Rogers <aidan at yoyo.org> wrote:
> Eh, got fed up and went with option two - it was only a few lines of
> code in the end.  I've submitted the patch using darcs, but I've
> blogged it for those who might need it.
> http://www.infurious.com/blogs/index.php/aidan/2006/01/29/
> yaml_bug_in_og_0_27_0
> Aidan
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